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A New Hero. A New Mythos. A New Way To Be Human.

Meet Kalen O'Tolan

Kalen is a semi-divine human being born at midnight on the winter solstice of 1 CE at the site of the Oracle of Delphi. For two thousand years, he has lived among us, leading the charge against the forces of darkness in the Kosmic Wars and Kronic Wars. He comes bringing gifts of knowledge and power: new existential technologies which can transform lives and renew a fragmented world.

The Epic Saga of Kalen O’Tolan Begins

Coming in April 2016 from Tangent Publishers

At the cusp of the Third Millennium C.E., the Poet receives a remarkable visitation from a spiritual being. Over the next 15 years, he explores psychology's depths and spirituality's secrets until he is ready to unleash a World Philosophy capable of giving space to Kalen O'Tolan, a semi-divine King, Visionary, and Warrior who is charged with leading humankind away from Apocalypse and forward with hope at the Great Overturning.

The story of Kalen O'Tolan begins in The Black Stone, the first of nine volumes, a tale where the Dark Magic and Light Magic intersect in a frenzied quest for survival. The old Aries-Pisces Zodiac has grown evil and corrupt. Young Kalen's family is pitted against relentless enemies seeking to obtain the Lost Stone of Delphi in order to enslave humankind by eliminating "free will". They will stop at nothing to obtain the First Artifact of Orr, source of all authentic magic in the world.

Fortunately young Kalen is not alone in his odyssey. He is aided by parents of mysterious ancestry, his loyal brother and tenacious sisters, the Wizard Aupaiaaqua, and several Immortal Animals. Beionai is one of Kalen's truest friends, a semi-divine Bear who needs Kalen's assistance to lead the War of the Zodiacs and thereby liberate all sentience from an oppressive regime.

If Kalen's many wonderous deeds are little known among us, it is only because of his tragic defeat in the Battle of the Timelines, the Third Kronic War. A fascinating History has been erased which is now being told for the first time as the Great Overturning has begun to restore what has been lost and return Kalen to his proper Timeline.

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Introducing The Kalendar Series

A Genre-Bending Mix of Poetry, Fiction, Philosophy, and Art

The first three books in a series of nine...

Book One: The Black Stone

Kalen is born. His birth is witnessed by divine and semi-divine beings torn over his legacy. If legend is to be believed, he will live for 3,000 years -- until the year 3,000 C.E. -- overturning all manner of order in magical, mythic, and rational thought-systems. Together with the Great Bear, he must find a way to overcome a greedy and corrupt Aries-Pisces Zodiac ... or the world will plunge into the Darkest of Dark Ages.

Book Two: The Red Jewel

Kalen's adolescence vaults him out of childhood into a series of adventures which advance his education, solidify his strong character, and present him with an opportunity to meet his true love. While the world of the Animwaa responds to the Bear's call to arms, the world of the Archetypes align into battle formation. Kalen has fallen in love, but ultimately he must choose between love and continuing his sacred duty.

Book Three: The Brown Sword

Kalen spends his 20s in a search for Truth. He ultimately discovers it for himself, resolving to stop at nothing to ensure victory for the armies of the Animwaa, Stone-Star Tarot, and all the Deities who have heeded Zeus's summons to ratify a New Map of the Heavens. He faces his gravest challenge yet: death at the hands of the Old Signs at the New Battle of Red Cliffs. Will death be his final end?