Toby Johnson Reviews The Black Stone

toby“Wow! The Black Stone is a masterful and mind-bending act of world-creation—even universe and reality-creation. Perez’s tale of adventure moves the everyday world into a time-transcending parallel universe in which the archetypes of myth and the categories of mind and metaphor become the living actors in the action plot.”—Toby Johnson, author of The Myth of the Great Secret: An Appreciation of Joseph Campbell

The next step for Yin and Yang is a Unary vision

taihsuan-colorIn a post today on The Integral Cauldron, I reflect on some of the topics of interest to the LGBT community which are raised in The Kalendar Series:

In 2011, I was at a conference devoted to exploring The Future of Love. As I sat in dinner conversation with a young gay man, I tried to explain my work to him in a way that would capture its importance for the worldwide LGBT community. I said, in a tone which was less haughty than it may seem to you, “What I have in mind is a 1,000-year vision for Gay Liberation.”

The point I was making is that the Gay Liberation movement needs to look beyond short-term reforms or even long-term plans and think about how we need to evolve diverse cultures worldwide over a long period of time to eradicate prejudice and make lives better for the LGBT community. My approach was to inaugurate a new worldview which gave LGBT issues and concerns more than fair consideration, but actually put them at the heart of human evolution’s turning and the revelation of Spirit in our time.

I also said what I did partly as my way of asking for patience while I developed an esoteric project to launch the 1,000-year vision that even in 2011 I could anticipate taking several years to complete. At this point, 5 years later, I am certain that it will take me at least a decade to fully unwind the coil, to the genesis of 20 or more unique books or art-works. Included is the development of a new Magick system containing an alternative sacred language, numerology, sacred geography, sacred astrology, and much more.

Truly I am unveiling an enchanted worldview, much like JRR Tolkien or JK Rowling, but one which isn’t limited to a series of fantasy novels. Though there will be a series of fantasy novels, of course — The Kalendar Series, to which I am fully committed. There is actually a New Magick which one can live and inhabit and use for personal development and the healing of the planet. It’s a lot to grasp, but that’s why it’s so important that I begin by setting out what I can in a dedicated fashion so that the magic can start to happen. I started writing about the New Magick on this blog, The Integral Cauldron, less than two weeks ago.

There’s a Gay Agenda at work in my future books, but don’t expect to see it too visibly at first. The first fantasy novel is set historically 2,000 years ago, when same-sex relationships had different meanings than they do in the modern West and beyond. Nevertheless, there are LGBT characters in The Kalendar Series: Book One, The Black Stone. I won’t say anything more about it just yet. But it’s not the presence of LGBT characters that makes The Black Stone worthy of a protracted gaze of the “queer eye”; it’s the philosophy.

Read the full post at The Integral Cauldron.

Ken Wilber reviews THE BLACK STONE

kenwilberThe Black Stone is one of the many types of fiction that we can expect to see as more integral levels of consciousness continue to emerge and evolve. They are Big Picture epics for Big Minds, Big Hearts. Joe Perez, author of the brilliant and moving Soulfully Gay, has created the first of a multiple-volume tale of the creation, evolution, and development of a race of quasi-humans, tied into a backdrop of thoroughly interconnected, interwoven, intermingling dimensions of reality, playing at the Kosmic game of lila. A sort of Lord of the Rings meets Integral Spirituality meets The Canon of Supreme Mystery (among others). If you enjoy—and are ready for—sprawling epics built with spiritually integrated circuitry, The Black Stone is for you—brilliant, compelling, original, beautiful.”

— Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

Solstice Greetings

pine-in-snowWhen you celebrate the solstice, consider this: Soon there will be a new world calendar arriving unlike anything that has been seen in more than two thousand years.

Mater Yang Hsiung, the Han dynasty’s most eminent and yet little known thinker, is probably the first thinker in history to have noticed something odd about the ternary numbers (trifold marks of subtle energy in Yang and Yin and a marker representing “unity” or “flux”).

When arranged into hexagrams, 3^6 (729), they formed a nearly perfect solar calendar, each glyph representing 12 hours of the year. Arranged into regular patterns, the figures described history’s cycles and the course of evolution. He wrote philosophical poetry to describe the complex relationship between time, the individual, and the community.

Yang Hsiung was implicated with political rebels and condemned for his deviations from Confucian and Taoist orthodoxy. And soon the calendar based on Master Yang’s Canon of Supreme Mystery was largely forgotten.

The calendar of the triune infinite is returning as it’s never been seen before … in March 2016.

I have spent more than 5 years developing a new take on the Canon of Supreme Mystery, one which may very well astonish you. It reveals something fundamental and shocking about the nature of language which has heretofore gone unnoticed: that when infinity is represented in a ternary formulation of subtle energy, the Mystery is revealed in the Word.

Lao Tzu said, “The name that can be named is not the enduring and unchanging name.”

But he hadn’t seen what I have seen: the glimmerings of a hidden, secret Universal Language of Energy at the root of the thought-bones of the cosmos, buried in ternary patterns of subtle thought.

Like Master Yang’s calendar of old, the New Kalendar begins at the winter solstice. It tells us that in 2016 CE, the world is entering into a New Mystery.

In the new year, may you discover the New Mystery.